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Here at The Sign Place, we know only too well just how useful a great sign can be. From giving directions, to providing reminders of workplace safety, or even to proudly show your company name, a good sign is a fantastic tool.

Unfortunately, not all signs are born equal - and some only get worse with age! That's why we at The Sign Place are hosting a competition to find the worst sign in the Maitland council area.

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As we covered previously, choosing a good sign is a vital part of forming your brand’s identity. A key part of the process is choosing the physical appearance, or aesthetics, of the sign. In this article we’ll go into more detail on the dos and don’ts for how to make your sign look great.

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Vehicle signage is a fantastic method of advertisement. Much like storefront signage, branding your vehicle(s) is a 24/7 advertisement for your company. However, unlike a shopfront sign, that advertisement can be seen in more than one location, effectively turning the vehicle into a moving billboard.

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We can probably all agree that a good sign can make even the most mundane business grab your attention. Whether it’s a simple A-frame or an entire shop front, a splash of colour and vibrancy can make a huge difference, really making the business standout from its competitors. On top of that, signs do not sleep or take rest breaks and they will continue to work for you, even after trading hours.

So it is important to get your signage right. But just what is it that makes a sign a good sign?

Closed Sign

Getting yourself a nice, colourful, professional looking sign is a great first step, but once that’s done, you’ll need to consider where to place it. Deciding where to position a sign can make or break its effective use. For some signs it may seem obvious where to position them, but for others it can be a harder task than it first appears.